How to Write Effective Content for Content Marketing

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#Ask8now – How to Write Effective Content for #ContentMarketing
We will look at what you need to do in order to write
#highquality #articles that stand out and that get read and shared.

How to Write Effective Content for Content Marketing

Content marketing relies on the regular creation of compelling content that people will want to read and that delivers real value. By adding lots of content of this nature to your site, you can eventually show up in the search results for more and more ‘long-tail keywords’ (short sentences people show up for) and you can demonstrate to Google that you are writing for the user and delivering content that people want to read and that you deserve to be seen.

Unfortunately though, many webmasters, business owners and bloggers are still stuck in the wrong mindset when it comes to content creation and are more interested in creating ‘any old’ writing and stuffing it with keywords to try and get cheap hits.

Here then we will look at what you need to do in order to write high quality articles that stand out and that get read and shared.

Forget SEO

The first and most important thing to do when writing content you want to be seen and read is to forget SEO. In other words, don’t think about the ‘optimal length’, don’t think about ‘keyword density’ – just think about writing for the user and writing in a way that feels natural and creates the best reading experience.

Link Authoritative Resources

Back in the day, everyone was afraid to link out to other sites in case they would lose ‘link juice’ in the eyes of Google. Today though, linking out to authoritative resources demonstrates that you have your reader’s best interests at heart and that you’ve done your research. As such Google likes and so too do the readers.

Of course this won’t always be appropriate but if you’re writing about scientific studies for instance, then linking to the abstract is a great way to gain publicity.

Make it Entertaining

Don’t forget to make your content entertaining though. While you want to be considered and authoritative resource in your own right, this shouldn’t come at the expense of readability. Make sure your content is entertaining and your headlines grab attention. People like to be down on Buzzfeed but there’s a reason they’ve done so well!

Break Up Your Content

As with cooking, presentation is important for content marketing. Notice how this article is broken into segments with separate headings. This prevents it from looking dense and it ensures that your reader can quickly get the information they’re looking for.


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