Will ‘Click Bait’ Titles Help Your Content?

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#Ask8now – Will ‘Click Bait’ Titles Help Your Content?
Get it right and link bait will generate your links profile
for you while you kick back and relax. Learn more…

Will ‘Click Bait’ Titles Help Your Content?

‘Link bait’ is any content that is high quality and useful to the point of being something your visitors feel compared to share with their friends and family. Get it right and link bait will generate your links profile for you while you kick back and relax.

So what is click bait?

Well click bait is effectively any content designed to be clicked and read. Now of course the objective of anything you write should be to get read, but with click bait this is taken to the extreme. Often click bait involves using sensationalist and extravagant titles to try and get people to click and this is something you will likely have seen on Facebook.

Here are two examples of click bait titles:

“You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next in This Video – But it Will Change You Forever!”


“10 Tips That Will Help You Double Your Profits in 2015 – Number 7 Will Blow Your Mind!”

In both these cases, the titles are designed to pique the curiosity of the person reading them. In the first example, you literally have no idea what the article/video is about until you click the link – you just have the assurance that it’s going to be life changing. In the second article you have a fairly generic list but the fact that ‘number 7’ will blow your mind once again gets you interested in learning what number seven might in fact be.

Should You Use These Techniques?

So that’s click bait in a nutshell… but should you use it?

The answer is no: while these articles might get a high CTR, they also likely have high bounce rates. Clicking on an article without knowing precisely what it is you’re going to be reading is frustrating for the visitor and if something amazing is promised and not delivered then this can create ill-will. If your hope is to get long-term visitors or to convert visitors into customers then this technique is only likely to drive people away.

But there is something to be said for understanding the psychology of what makes people click. You can still create content that sounds highly clickable and sharable – you just have to make sure that what you’re actually offering can back up what you’re claiming.

The real point is to stop thinking about how you can get more clicks and to instead think about how you can get more targeted clicks and then keep those people on your page.


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