Which Strategy Has a Higher Control On Sites Pages Getting Listed In Google SERPs?

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According to a study conducted by Infront Webworks, “The first page of Google attracts 95% of the web traffic, whereas the succeeding pages receive only 5% or less of the overall traffic.” This is why staying on the top rankings is an essential for a business to be successful online.

As you all know, SEO is slow. It can take from months to years to build up the domain authority and gain rankings for a page. Most PPC agency NYC experts state that Search engine optimization is the slowest form of marketing, and it really is.

But there are a few strategies that can let you have control on the site pages, and improve your Google rankings quickly. The SEO and PPC agency NYC says that the key lies in your ‘Analytics.’ Here are the strategies that can help your business –

  • Understand the Google ranking algorithm – Google keeps changing its algorithm, at times most changes aren’t even publicized or described. According to an estimate by Moz, “Google makes about 500 to 600 changes an year!” Even if Google announces its updates, the internal working of the algorithm is unknown to the user. After all, if everyone knows how to rank on the first position without penalties, Google will not be able to provide accurate results, and anyone could find their way up. So keep track of Google’s algorithmic updates for your web-pages to keep them in shape.
  • Analyze the “Queries” report – You can find this report in Google Analytics. Go to Acquisition > Search Console > Queries. With this report, you get to understand (i) all the phrases your website is ranking for, (ii) The number of times your business has appeared on Google (iii) The maximum number of times your pages have been viewed for these phrases and (iv) The rankings for this phrase.
  • Useful Content – Now that you have the high ranking phrases in your hand, create contents for your website with them as keywords. It can be any type of content from articles, webinars, how-to guides or even chats. Take advantage of the different content types to respond to your client’s questioons and offer them the best solution. Make your content relevant and of high quality.
  • Monitor your Backlinks – Backlinks are valuable, but it really depends on from which sites you have gained them. It must be only from the websites with a good domain authority. Whereas bad backlinks can negatively affect your search engine rankings. The SEO and PPC agency New York states that, the better your backlinks are the higher will be your search ranks.
  • Page load speed – This is an important SEO factor considered by Google in ranking. Google aims to deliver fast and quality results to its users. So, keep a track of your website’s page speed score.

First page ranks cannot be achieved in a day with a single strategy, so always have your SEO plan in place and use an SEO checklist to improve your Google ranks. There is a huge opportunity to develop your Google ranks, get in touch with an agency specialized in SEO and PPC New York to benefit from inbound marketing!

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