What Is Keller William’s Command And How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Keller Williams Command

During the past two years, Keller Williams has been working hard to develop a technology to streamline the way agents do business, with an aim to ease their dealings with multiple tools and multiple sites and have a competitive advantage in today’s real estate digital world.  Keller Williams Command is a One Billion dollar investment by Keller Williams’ which has revolutionized the real estate industry by retrieving the agents’ data and putting it back into their hands. Simply put, Keller Williams Command is more than just a regular CRM. It is a real estate platform which leaves the agents in control of their database and their businesses.

What is Keller Williams Command?

The Keller Williams Command is a real estate application which is now accessible to over 180,000+ agents who are part of the Keller Williams’ family. It offers a centralized environment which possesses a whole lot of tools, that work together, which a Keller Williams agent can use to manage, optimize and operate their real estate business with exceptional Artificial Intelligence insights from the Keller Cloud. The KW realtors have access to lead generating tools, a nationwide IDX database which allows all KW agents to have every listings, from every city in the USA on their personal agent website.  Now add an automated Follow-up system, a full lead pipeline management system and so much more, all to help streamline the agents business goals in an easy-to-use and protected platform.

How Does It Benefit Your Business?

  • Personalized Marketing Materials – You have the opportunity to create customized and professionally designed digital assets with real-time market statistics to be used in email, and other sources with just click. It offers proficiently designed templates too. This will help your brand to stand out by offering a personalized market data, so that you could have a one-to-one marketing with your targeted customer.
  • Efficient Tracking – The Keller Williams Command offers efficient tracking right from pipelining the leads to closing the deals. There are ways to see the real-time revenue projections which will help you understand where you stand in the sales funnel, so that you can have the detailed information about the cash flows.
  • Simplifies the Tasks – The command allows to enhance your business by simplifying and automating the tasks. This way, you will have ample time to concentrate and streamline the other tasks which you typically keep away, and enough time to provide top-notch service to the clients, making more sales.
  • Intelligent Marketing Technology – With the Keller Williams Command, you could create effective campaigns that are sure to convert across the Google Ads, email marketing, Facebook Ads, and more. This intelligent, cross-channel marketing technology makes use of user insights, analytics, and the listings in the advertising campaigns to reach the potential audience.

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