What Are The Biggest Social Media Sites For 2020?

What Are The Biggest Social Media Sites For 2020?

Social Media trends keep changing from year-to-year. Most businesses today are striving hard to strike the perfect balance between making sense of the available social data, while finding innovative ways to engage with the potential customers. Yes, Social networks help the business owners to reach the prospective customers, establish professional connections, and ultimately they get to research about the markets, and understand the customer requisites. And it is not too late to refocus your social strategy and approach your customers through social media in a novel way.

Here is a list of social networks for 2020 as stated by the experts from internet marketing agency New York.


Facebook has over 2.5 billion monthly users. It is also considered to be the biggest and the best social media platform in the world. So, there are many chances that your audience is among the regular users of this platform. The experts in local SEO NYC state that the biggest advantage of using Facebook is, no matter to which industry you belong to, there’s always a space for you on Facebook. Also, Facebook offers the privilege of sharing industry related news, videos, graphics, live streaming, polls and any type of visually appealing content. You can also take advantage of the Facebook groups to bring your customers or community in a single page. Facebook helps create meaning conversation. The more interesting and polarizing your content is, the more likely it is to get viral on Facebook.


With more than more than 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is counted as the second most prevalent search engine in the world. Business owners can benefit from creating video tutorials, product reviews, instructional content, interviews etc. According to 99firms.com, YouTube is largely popular among the men and women of the age group 15 to 34 years. The content that works best on this platform is the education and entertainment contents. The local SEO NYC experts state that, if you stay in par with the current YouTube trends, you can influence a great number of people.


Twitter’s average active users have been estimated to be around 300 million. This social network is more popular among the tech-savvy users, predominantly the ones who are more interested in politics, business and marketing. Twitter is considered as the most popular medium to communicate any breaking news or to communicate straightaway with the users in real-time.  Though videos and images gain much attention on twitter, well-timed tweets on trending topics have the opportunity of getting viral.


This new Social network is witnessing about 800 Million users every month. Most people who use TikTok are under the age group of 35. Entertaining, funny, and interesting contents go viral on this platform. If you are a business who is looking to reach a young set of audience, you could get connected with them on this platform, without directly promoting your brand.


According to Pew Research Center, Snapchat is one of the apps which are heavily in use among the people who are under 25 years of age. Most users frequent this app to share updates and to communicate with family and friends through short video messages. Snapchat boasts an average of 300 Million monthly users. Video-driven storytelling, works best on this app. If your brand’s video can entertain and at the same time educate the young audience, then you can be successful on this platform.

Are you looking to find the best social platform for your business? Discuss with the experts from local SEO services New York.

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