Using Posters For Offline Marketing

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Using Posters For Offline Marketing

Poster-making has been an integral part in the lives of people in the cultural, business, and political levels, that it consequently became a genuine art form. Shakespeare advertised his plays through the use of posters, attracting even the bourgeoisie to come see the plays that are now considered classics in literature.

Propaganda and political posters were also instrumental in the major uprisings that led to significant changes in some countries(the memorable Che Guevara poster comes to mind), and commercial posters have made an imprint in the minds of people that directly or indirectly led them to choose a particular product. Which brings us to the topic at hand: how do you make a poster that’s effective in eliciting a positive response among the buying public? We’re going to tackle some tips and strategies that should help you out.

First, you have to know who your audience is. If your customer base involves gamers, then it’s wise to put up your posters in video game shops and the arcades. That way, it is more likely that people in those vicinities will take interest with what your poster will have to say.

Posters that pull in are those that emphasize mind-blowing artwork, photos and text. Hiring a graphic designer or an artist is very important, and the photo or artwork should be something that will allure your potential customers. In the realm of gamers for instance, you could have a gun toting commando, a sword-wielding knight, or a mean looking beastie. It’s extremely important that it has something to do with what your product is all about. Lastly, text should be kept to a minimum.

Keep it simple. The common pitfall of poster making is over decoration. Keep it streamlined and easy on the eyes by using a layout or format that won’t cause stimulus overload. Think of an arresting slogan or byline that summarizes the fine points of your product. Remember, the goal of your poster is to leave a good but lasting impression.

Once you have captured the interest of your audience, chances are they’ll look for more information. Your email address, phone number or URL should be printed on the poster. If you’re going to list all three points of contact, keep them all in one place.

Large posters can easily be spotted by passersby, so it’s wise to put up large ones in open places. A size I would recommend is 18″x24″, but you can make adjustments on it according to wall space or the expanse of the area. In the case of congested or small spaces, a small one would be far more reliable. People cannot view a very big poster from just a few feet away, so small posters are the best ones to go for in this case.

Sticking to one poster for too long will cause waning of interest. Changing the poster at least monthly can elicit spontaneous recovery and bring renewed interest to your product. A new but equally interesting byline or slogan should help as well.


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