How To Use Display Ads For Effective Offline Advertising

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How To Use Display Ads For Effective Offline Advertising

Most businesses now use the internet for promoting their products and services, but the volume of traffic on the web can sometimes cause your marketing schemes to be buried under the pile of all that information. The best way to recover from this downfall is to apply the tried and tested formula for advertising – offline marketing. And what better way to spearhead your campaign than coming up with a killer display ad?

Display ads are chief marketing tools to aggrandize your business. This can be used for newspapers, magazines, flyers and other types of printed document. The main purpose of your display ad is to elicit interest, so creating one is a serious business that should be handled with care and with a concrete goal in mind.

According to subsequent articles in the New York Times, display advertising is as productive as local websites when it comes to exposing products. So that only proves the medium’s promotional capabilities, and if executed real well, a company is always capable of reaching new heights as a giant in the industry it is a part of.

Here are some tips on how to make use of your display ad to its full potential:

1. If you plan on designing the ad yourself, I recommend using the Microsoft Publisher. There are a handful of websites that should help you in customizing your display ads. Google AdWords and Yahoo! My Display Ads are just two examples. Templates and design tools will be at your disposal in creating the resulting display ad. You can then use the resulting banner for your offline marketing campaign. If a Publisher format is not feasible, you can opt to choose the PDF format. The PDF is more widely used because of its general printer compatibility.

2. Now that you have the proper tools, it’s time to pump up the creative juices. The general rule of thumb is for the banner not to look too congested, since it distracts the viewers from the impression that you need to instill in them. So keep it brief. The layout should be streamlined, and the words used in a font that is easily recognizable. The overall should pack a punch, be concise, and have all the relevant details including your contact details and URL.

3. Make sure that you advertise your ads in publications that are within your target market. Selling meat through a vegetarian magazine won’t get you anywhere. Know your niche, and spread awareness through channels that share that niche. I would also strongly advise you to look for places that might be highly receptive to your ad. Use the internet for research and come up with publications specific to the category you’re catering to.

Another thing that can supplement your research is finding trends in the market. For this, I would recommend mining hard data from poll statistics. Poll statistics give you the lay of the land. Once you are able to synthesize all that data, the best avenues for your target market should be revealed to you.


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