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#Ask8now – Typography for Your #Content
it’s not enough to simply write well –
you also need to present your content well by
#typography which is much more #complicated
than you might at first expected…

Typography for Your Content

Content marketing is essentially the process of writing great articles for your website and to publish elsewhere on the net that will help you to establish yourself as an expert within the industry and that will provide plenty of ‘long-tail’ keywords for search engines to find. Content marketing delivers value to the visitors of your site and as such it is one of the most effective tools in your digital marketing tool belt.

But to really succeed in content marketing, it’s not enough to simply write well – you also need to present your content well so that people actually want to read it. And a big part of this is typography which is a much more complicated subject than you might at first expect…

Why Typography Matters

Typography is something many bloggers, business owners and webmasters overlook but it has a huge impact on your content. Not only does your typography effect the legibility of your site and the literal ability of your visitors to read what you’ve written (which is kind of important…) but it can also have a big effect on the tone and feeling of your site and your content. Write in Comic Sans and of course no one is going to take you seriously… but likewise if you write in a gothic font then you can convey a sense of timelessness or history, or if you write in a modern font you can convey the sense of being hip and high tech.

Some Things to Know About

Fonts can be split into categories based on their age, the presence or absence of serifs (the little feet on the ends of letters), the thickness of the vertical and horizontal strokes and various other factors.

For your website and the majority of your content, you should then pick two fonts which will be for your body content and your headers respectively. When selecting these, the objective is to choose combinations that won’t be too different but will nevertheless look different enough to be distinct. If in doubt – get a designer and ask them for their advice. Some sites might also consider using a third font for limited use, whereas you might alternatively sometimes choose to mix up your fonts to make an point in specific articles. Being creative here can make a big difference and make your writing much more impact and entertaining as a result. It might seem like a faff, but it’s worth it to experiment in the long run!

Ignoring your website needs could be costing you a lot of money and hindering your ability to meet you overall company goals.

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