Top Examples of Social Commerce in Action

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#Ask8now – Top Examples of #SocialCommerce in Action
You need to be creative in how you implement it.
Read on and we’ll look at some great examples..


Top Examples of Social Commerce in Action

Social commerce means adding a social element of some kind to the traditional eCommerce business model. Social commerce includes the use of reviews, of social recommendations and of community features for online stores. There are a ton of possible benefits of social commerce but to get the most from it, you need to be creative in how you implement it. Read on and we’ll look at some great examples of businesses that have been creative in this way and that have seen a lot of success as a result.

Amazon’s Wish Lists

Amazon’s wish lists allow users to curate items that they want and then share them with others. This way, a friend or family member need never be at a loss for what to buy them. At the same time, items that have been bought will be removed from the list thus preventing the same thing from being bought twice (though the user doesn’t see this unless they try to buy that item). It’s a fantastic system that solves a real problem that some shoppers have had in the past. As a result, many people now use it to make their birthday, Christmas and wedding lists and Amazon has no doubt gained a lot of sales as a result.

Google Play

Head onto the Google Play store to buy an app and you might notice that reviews are linked to Google+ accounts. While this annoyed some users at the time, it’s actually a very smart move from Google’s perspective as it allows you to see reviews from your friends and relatives. These reviews of course hold much more clout than reviews from strangers (especially with the profile picture right there) and as such Google has no doubt significantly increased its sales.


When you go shopping in real life for clothes, you will very often take a friend who can then give advice on what looks good and what’s in fashion. ‘Fashism’ is a website that gives you that same ability by providing a chat feature that allows you to talk with friends while you shop. It has been very popular and is likely a sign of things to come!


Etsy is the ultimate in peer to peer shopping and has essentially allowed creative types around the world to set up businesses from their homes that they would never otherwise have been able to run. This is an example of social commerce making people’s lives better – and making Etsy money in the process!

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