Tips for Real Estate Agents to Use Zoom

Tips for Real Estate Agents to Use Zoom

During the coronavirus outbreak, zoom became a staple for those still running their real estate business. However, there could be some confusion or discomfort surrounding this essential technology for those who are relatively new to using this platform. Zoom helps internet marketing for real estate agents by providing many ways to communication to your customers or clients, to get the message out about your services in listings via zoom meetings.

Zoom Calendar integration

Zoom comes with a variety of integrations to render zooming as smooth as possible with your daily business functions and helps in preparing real estate marketing plan in NYC. A functionality you certainly can take advantage of is incorporating Zoom into your calendar. If you’re using Google Calendar or Outlook, this Zoom integration lets you schedule Zoom meetings with your customers or colleagues by clicking a button.

Profile picture upload

Zoom lets you add a profile image to your Zoom account, which allows a photo of you to be appeared on a people’s screens while your camera is off. Just your name and/or a bland icon will appear when your computer or mobile camera is switched off, without uploading a profile image.

Security settings update

“Zoom-bombing” is a hacking term where hackers go without an announcement and invitation to Zoom meetings. Zoom has improved its security options to keep this from happening. You can create a meeting room password in your Settings in Zoom, which will only be sent to those invited to the meeting, creating a waiting room in which the administrator must admit attendants one by one and lock the meeting until it begins then everyone who has been invited is present. These additional measures will help to discourage these stressful things from occurring to you. Zoom helps more in real estate marketing in NYC.

Virtual background utilization

Using a virtual backdrop is a perfect choice if you don’t want people to have a look at your home office or wherever you’re doing your real estate business these days. You can find lots of free backgrounds with a quick Google search or by going to different company websites like IKEA and more.


It is important to dress as you would if you met a customer or business contact personally, even if you may be working from home. That small step would dramatically increase the level of professionalism. It could show a big difference in real estate marketing in NYC.

Appearance enhancement

If you are really looking to go that extra mile to get your best look on camera, ¬†there are a few things you can look at including setting the camera angle straight on and not slightly above or below your profile, investing in a ring light or clicking “touch my appearance” in your zoom setting.

Zoom dedicates itself to preserving your privacy. They have developed policies and controls to ensure your information is not obtained, used, and published. Zoom takes protection seriously, and is proud to meet industry expectations when it comes to contact with the organizations.

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