Tips In Choosing The Right Image For Your Facebook Ad

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#Ask8now – Tips In Choosing The Right Image For Your #Facebook Ad
A picture speaks a thousand clicks on Facebook
Here are some #tips in choosing the right picture that
can be a real deal-maker for your Facebook ad


Tips In Choosing The Right Image For Your Facebook Ad

So you’ve heard that Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media site and you figured that your local business could do well to advertise on this website behemoth and draw traffic to your local business shop or site. So how exactly do you get started? Today we look at choosing the right image for your Facebook ad.

As the old saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, I say a picture speaks a thousand clicks on Facebook. Your ad picture is by far the absolute number 1 item that will draw eyeballs to your business ad.

Research has shown that the image in a Facebook ad contributes a whooping 70% towards your ad’s success. Why is that? Well, once again research clearly shows that people take information in better and faster when it’s presented in a visual format (pictures, videos) than in a text format. So your choice of image can be a real deal-maker or deal-breaker.

Here are some tips to choosing the right picture for your Facebook ad

  • Tip 1 Choose bright colors that contrast well with the Facebook blue and white colors such as red, black and yellow.
  • Tip 2 Use all the space allocated for your image. Resize your image to measure 110pixels wide by 80 pixels high. You can resize your image free at
  • Tip 3 Use crazy, funny, humorous, startling images. Look for pictures that display human emotion vividly- joy, anger, panic, fear, laughter, pain, pride etc
  • Tip 4 Do not put boring pictures of your products or pictures of yourself, unless you have very popular branded products or you are a well –known personality. Remember you are on a social site so liven up your ad and focus on what your reader would find interesting.
  • Tip 5 Use up close facial shots- these improve your CTR (click through rates). Make sure the picture zooms in on the face and eyes in particular. Don’t use shots where people are in the background or in positions where you can’t see them clearly.
  • Tip 6 Images of beautiful women always get higher clicks than all other ads. However use images that are proactive but not immoral as those will not be approved by Facebook.

You might be wondering where you can get images for your Facebook Ads. There are lots of sites where you can buy images such as, etc. Just Google “where to buy photos”. If you’re looking for free images, try or Some sites have both free and paid options like

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