Why is #SocialMedia Influence Important?

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#Ask8now – Why is #SocialMedia Influence Important?
Increased #product desire results in not only #increasedsales, but also in #increasedrevenues per #sale due to the willingness of the #targetaudience to #pay a #higherprice per unit for the product in question

Why is #SocialMedia Influence Important?

✔ Possessing knowledge, or a solution to a problem, is an advantageous position

✔ People exchange knowledge and solutions in order to gain mutual benefits

✔ The value of these benefits is subjective to the person obtaining them

✔ For a business, this means that perception of value is of extreme importance when it comes to social media influence

✔ When a target audience’s idea of a product’s value increases, so does their desire for that product

✔ Increased product desire results in not only increased sales, but also in increased revenues per sale due to the willingness of the target audience to pay a higher price per unit for the product in question.

✔ A business’ buyers live online:
* Social media allows a business to directly interact with potential customers
* This interaction results in greater trust and, thus, greater sales

✔ A business’ buyers decide online:
* The time spent on social media sites by the average consumer is substantial
* Increasingly, these consumers rely on social media to inform their buying decisions
* This means that smart business are in front of these potential customers during the times they are online and using social media
* Software applications are available analyze when a business’ audience is online and automate social media postings accordingly

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