Smart Social Commerce Features of Amazon.Com

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Smart Social Commerce Features of Amazon.Com

Amazon is pretty smart when it comes to business. If you didn’t realize that already, then the Kindle more than proves how good they are at spotting a niche in the market and designing an excellent product. The ‘Buy With One Click’ button has to be one of the most powerful features in any eCommerce site and is fantastic when it comes to encouraging impulse buys.

But another example of Amazon’s business savvy that you might not have noticed yet is the way that it has implemented social commerce features into its site – allowing users to communicate with each other and using that as a tool to drive more sales.


Peer Recommendations was one of the first sites to make the review process a big feature. When you buy a product on Amazon, you will be encouraged to leave a review and in doing so you provide more information for other buyers.

This is powerful for Amazon as it means you can get a recommendation to buy. What’s more, you will have faith that what you are buying is good quality. This is actually what makes the negative reviews as important as the positive ones – it proves that bad products do get bad reviews and means that the shoppers are more likely to trust the positive reviews as a result.


Another excellent feature of Amazon is the ability users have to create their own wish-lists. These are simply lists of items that they’ve seen online and that they want and which can subsequently be passed to their friends and family who may be looking for ideas for a birthday or Christmas. The wishlists automatically update (to ensure the same item doesn’t get bought twice) and they are absolutely perfect for wedding present lists and other similar situations where multiple people are likely to be buying a gift for one person or a couple of people.

‘Buy as a Gift’

Similarly, Amazon also allows you to buy an item ‘as a gift’ which makes it all the easier to get things for people without worrying about wrapping it or taking it to them. This sort of feature makes Amazon the de facto place that many people choose for buying presents for others. And you can see how that might work out very well for Amazon…

So there you go – that’s all pretty smart on Amazon’s part. But don’t just be impressed, be inspired! How can you implement these sorts of features into features into your site?


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