Should you worry about Google’s BERT Roll Out?

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Recently Google posted a Twitter update about their BERT algorithm roll out worldwide, to help Google understand the search queries better. Yes, the natural language processing algorithm that was rolled out earlier on the English language queries are now extended to over 70 languages globally.

What is BERT?

BERT is the acronym of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, an algorithm model which relies on the neural networks. Previously, BERT was deployed only on the featured snippets of 25 languages other than English. BERT helps to understand the context of a search query better and interpret the meaning of the individual words. This algorithm is built on the mathematical model called Transformers, which quickly analyzes and finds the right word even if you spell it wrong in the query or if you use a synonym, Google can match that as well.

Will BERT Affect the Global SERPs?

It was stated by Google that about 10% of English language search queries that was rolled out in the United States was affected. So, it can be estimated that BERT might influence similar amounts of search queries worldwide too. The experts at local SEO NYC mention that, BERT is all about enhancing the search queries, so that Google can comprehend easily, which means, if Google can understand better, it will be able to direct organic search traffic to the relevant websites.

How Should You Modify Your SEO Strategy for BERT?

All that BERT is trying to do is, to understand your natural language better, and interpret better results, which are focused on particular topic or relatable topic. Ultimately, it is designed to better respond to the precise intent of the user’s search query and offer the best possible match with relevant results.

The local SEO NYC experts express that, the best thing that can be done with BERT is, to keep a watch over your website traffic in the days to come and write informative and engaging contents that answers the questions of your target audience.

The SEO experts at internet marketing agency New York, say that, In case, if you notice a drop in traffic, analyze the affected landing page, and the questions. You might also see that some pages did not convert, because the traffic sent by Google was not considered useful. But whatever the situation, identify what is ranking better for your brand now. Explore the queries in Google to check the way a question is being answered. In that case, adjust your content in parallel to the way BERT is impacting your site, means make the modifications super-specific in the contents, this might have a great impact on the search intent.

Google admits that BERT is not the only solution for every search, and agrees that even with the influential NLP technology, users will still be able to figure out Google’s algorithm. Are you looking to discuss with a professional SEO consultant NYC regarding BERT impact on your business?  Get in touch us today for a free consultation!

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