SEO Tips for Local Business during COVID 19

SEO Tips for Local Business during COVID 19

It is indeed a tough time for everyone across the globe, especially the local businesses are some of the hardest-hit businesses by the pandemic COVID-19.  This has caused the companies to send out updates to keep the customers stay informed, providing tips, and offering special deals to the customers.  Moreover, it is time to keep up to the developments in the SEO world associated with Covid-19, and do everything to uphold the business in a better position for a sustained success.

Here are some SEO Tips for Local Business from the digital marketing agency New York during COVID 19 –

Use Keywords Connected with Coronavirus

To find out the precise COVID-19-related questions, it is best to use the keyword research tool. The basic idea is to find the right keywords that are connected with the audience and business. You should pay attention to the competition level, and choose the targeted broad terms. To find out the right keywords, you can get the help of the experts in digital marketing agency New York.

Optimizing the Website

It is the right time tune up your website. You can update the content with the latest information, improve the website speed and streamline the navigation. You can create a banner to be displayed across the homepage, and the pages with high traffic to let your customers know about the various steps that your business is undergoing to tackle the pandemic.

Work on Local SEO

Local SEO can do good for your local business. The local customers are look for business close to them. Here are a few local SEO strategies to consider when intending to promote your service/products locally. Update your Google My Business profile, so that the customers recognize your business. Make sure to keep your business profile updated with the latest information like, change in business hours, delivery options, discounts and promotions. You can get suggestions from the experts at local SEO company New York to optimize your Google My Business profile.

Update Meta Tags

If you haven’t updated your meta tags yet, it is time to update it. The Meta tags give the search engine a clear idea of what your website is about, which in turn helps with page indexing. So, take your time to perform the keyword research, as it can help your website appear for the featured or voice search results.

Focus on Building Links

Make sure to include the target keywords on the links. This is significant, as Google looks through the links to determine if the contents are relevant. Including quality links increases the domain authority of your website. The more quality links your website has, the more likely is it to rank well on the search results. If you are looking to build links for your business, work with the local SEO services Queens NY for a quality link building.

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