Segmenting Your Local Email List By Source And By CTR

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#Ask8now – Segmenting Your Local
#Email #List By #Source And By CTR
Here are two additional #ways to
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Segmenting Your Local Email List By Source And By CTR

This article looks at two additional ways to segment your list: by source and by CTR

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1. By Source

Have you ever wondered where your email list came from? A terrific way to solve that question is to segment your email list by its source. What this means is that you can divide your list by the marketing method your business used to get them to sign up. The advantage of doing this is that you will be able to tell which sources garner the most opt- ins and which ones don’t. You will also get better statistics as to the cost of getting an opt-in from your paid methods such as PPC or solo ads. You will then be able to focus your energies and resources on the winning methods and either tweak or let go of the poorly performing methods. You can set up your auto responder in such a way that you can have different email list for the different methods such that all your Facebook fanpage opt-ins go to a list known as Facebook, while your mobile website opt-ins will be grouped under Mobile and so forth

2. By CTR

A lot of people have their email accounts flooded with so many messages that they don’t even bother to open all of them. They only choose to click on those messages that they deem to be the most important and leave the rest to ‘rot’ in their Inbox. Do your local business emails get opened or do they ‘rot’? This method of segmenting your email list allows you to know which of your subscribers always opens their email and which ones hardly do, and of those that do open, which percentage click on your links. If you could separate the highly engaged members with high CTR into their own list, you would focus on emailing them more often resulting in better conversions.

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