Quick Tips to Creating Outstanding Videos for Your Small Business

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#Ask8now – Quick Tips to Creating #Outstanding Videos for Your #SmallBusiness
These 9 #tips should help you #create a better #video #marketing campaign
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Quick Tips to Creating Outstanding Videos for Your Small Business

  1. Don’t hard sell – trying to sell upfront to people is a big turn off. Instead, make your video copy about the benefits people receive if they buy your product or use your service.
  2. Make it personal– talk about your experiences that your viewers will easily identify with. Sharing problems you’ve personally come across and how you found answers to them will make you relatable and likeable to your audience 
  3. Aim for professional quality– using the right tools and software you can get good quality sound and image. Don’t just go for the cheapest equipment but one that will provide the best video quality for your money.
  4. You don’t always have to talk– you don’t always have to talk in your videos and this is a big help if you’re camera shy. You can use background music and insert image text into your video and still have great results
  5. Keep it short– internet users have short attention spans and usually have so many different websites open so make your playtime up to 3 minutes at most. This will also help you keep your videos specific to one message.
  6. Create a plan– don’t just wing it when creating your local business video. Keep in mind how you want to structure your video and what you will say at different times. Once you plan ahead, the real recording will flow a lot more smoothly. 
  7. Optimize your video– your video can help boost your SEO with proper keyword use in the title, description and anchor text links. User comments and ranking also contribute to your search engine rankings so encourage people to ‘like’ your video and give their comments.
  8. Try to be creative– one of the keys to making your local business videos a viral marketing success is if they are entertaining. You can opt for humor or for shock value- either way, make your videos the kind people want to share with their friends.
  9. Have a call to action– don’t just produce a video because other business owners are doing it but make it part of your strategy to achieve a higher goal. Ask yourself what you want your video to achieve. Do you want more opt-ins, more visits to your online store or more video views? Once you have identified your goal, make sure you add a strong call to action directing your viewers to do exactly what you want them to do.

These 9 tips should help you create a better video marketing campaign for your local business.


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