How to Optimize Your Facebook Fanpage for Your Local Business.

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#Ask8now – How to Optimize Your #Facebook
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How to Optimize Your Facebook Fanpage for Your Local Business.

This article focuses on how to optimize your local business Facebook Fanpage for the best user experience and business results.

  • Maximize the use of the Main Profile Graphic

This is the most graphic part of your fanpage and as such you should utilize this space to the fullest extent. Use well designed graphics that have bright colors and that have pleasant or entertaining themes so that they catch your visitor’s eye immediately. Your main profile graphic should be memorable so that it becomes a branded image people will always associate with your local business. Make sure you use the full amount of space allocated for you profile graphics.

  • Mark your favorite pages

On the left side bar towards the bottom you will notice there is a section for your likes. These are other Facebook fanpages that your local business is a fan of. By being a fan of other businesses, local attractions or other enterprises of interest, you can promote your business and your fanpage to their followers too. You can do this by commenting on their pages and fans will notice your local business fanpage name and click back through to your page.

  • Create iframe tabs

These are separate pages within your fanpage that you can dedicate to specific functions. For example one tab can be a landing page for new visitors, another can be an email submit form, another can be for free offers or sales deals etc. This will allow you to organize your content better and have specific landing pages for different marketing campaigns.

  • Integrate your fanpage

Your local business fanpage is just one facet of your online presence but it should not stand isolated. Always make sure you connect your Facebook page to your Twitter account, your YouTube account, RSS feeds and your website or blog. For example your YouTube videos should feed automatically into your Facebook page whenever you upload them.

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