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Most #localbusinesses often don’t quite understand
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Mobile Optimized websites explained

Most local businesses often don’t quite understand what mobile optimized website are all about and in the process leave a lot of money on the table as they fail to tap into the huge opportunities available through mobile marketing. I hope that by the end of this article you will have a clearer understanding about mobile optimized websites.

First of all mobile optimized websites are simply websites that can be viewed on mobile phones. Mobile phones have small 3-4 inch screens compared to the 15-20 inch screens on personal computers and so obviously many of the features and content of a regular website will not be displayed on a mobile phone. In addition mobile phones have less memory to handle advanced functions and programs so they need a simplified version of your website content.

The solution to all this lies in making your local business website mobile optimized. You can either create a totally different site that is view-able only from mobile phones or stick with your current website but make important pages and content available to mobile visitors. This later option includes using a plugin that detects if a visitor is coming from a personal computer or from a mobile phone and then directs them to the normal website or the mobile-optimized website.

It is not necessary to optimize each and every page of your website for mobile since mobile users are unlikely to read most of your website content. The important thing is to make a few basic pages available to the mobile visitor and these pages should be those that offer instant access to something they need. These landing pages can be used for e- mail or phone number opt-in, advertisements, coupons codes and other marketing materials. The goal of all your mobile marketing efforts is to drive mobile traffic to your mobile landing pages. You can insert links to these mobile landing pages in your Facebook status updates, Tweets, Mobile Ads and Text Messages, so that your traffic is taken directly to your landing pages. This will increase your conversion rates as visitors will not have to waste time wading through regular content to get to what they really need.

As you can see, mobile optimized websites isn’t a difficult concept to understand and it provides local business a unique way to tap into the mobile market.

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