Location-based Social Media and what it means to your local business

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#Ask8now – Location-based Social Media and what it means to your local business
Understand what this new phenomenon is all about and wonder what location-based #socialmedia can do for your #localbusiness then read on…

Location-based Social Media and what it means to your local business

When you combine social media networks with geographical mapping applications, what do you get? The answer is location-based social media and local businesses that understand what this new phenomenon is all about, will find it one of the greatest ways to drive more visitors to their store. If you find social media befuddling and wonder what location-based social media can do for your local business, then read on.

An illustration

Picture this scenario. Assume you’re the owner of a local bakery. It’s about 7am and a young lady walks in to grab a cup of coffee and your freshly baked muffins. As she waits in line to place her order, you see her busily engaged on her iPhone. She comes up to the register, places her order and takes a seat at the far corner of the bakery to enjoy her breakfast. All this time she is still clicking away on her iPhone. You really wonder what she is doing and approach her to ask if everything is alright. She answers, ‘Oh everything is great. I was just checking-in’ You ask her, “What do you mean by checking- in?” She gives you a blank stare wondering which planet you live on and says “I was telling my friends on Twitter I ordered a mocha latté and a raspberry muffin from your bakery”

Well that in a nutshell is what location-based social media is all about. People are now using social media and mobile phone applications to share with others about physical places they frequent. They use platforms like Foursquare, Twitter or Facebook to share with others when they have checked-in to a bar, restaurant, barber shop, hair salon, museum or any brick and mortar store.

Why do people check in?

People check-in to share their life experiences with others- what they eat, where they shop, where they go. They also want to get recommendations from friends about what’s interesting to do in their current location. They wonder whether anyone else they know is in the same vicinity so they can connect physically.

What does this mean for your local business?

Location-based social media provides the highest converting marketing method for your business, which is social endorsement. Nobody would tweet about a business they didn’t like. By ‘checking-in’ at your business, your visitors are saying “I like this business. This is one of my favorite places to be at when I’m out and about. You should come here too. If I come here, so can you.’

Can you see what this means for your local business?

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