Location –Based Social Media For The Local Business: Tips To Getting Started

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#Ask8now – Location –Based Social Media
For The Local Business: Tips To Getting Started
Here are a few #tips in placing your #localbusiness on the
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Location –Based Social Media For The Local Business: Tips To Getting Started

Here are a few tips to help you get started in placing your local business on the geographic social media map.

1. Do your research

Before launching your business into location-based social media, its best to test the waters first by doing it on a personal level. Get yourself a smart phone, download apps such as Foursquare and navigate the social media by yourself. Get to know what people are saying about your business and your competition, see what creates a buzz, find out what times of day have the most activity and which demographic forms the largest segment in your target market. You can also look at what your competitors and the big players in your industry are doing too. By collecting this research information, you will understand the best strategy your local business should use.

2. Set up your infrastructure

The next step is to get your social media infrastructure set up to serve as a strong backbone for your marketing. You definitely need to set up your local business Twitter account and Facebook Fanpage. Get yourself on the digital map by claiming your location on Google Maps and check-in companies like Foursquare, Yelp, Brightkite and Gowalla. Above all, make sure your websites vital landing pages are mobile optimized since almost all location-based social media interaction takes place on mobile phones

3. Start engaging

Once you have implemented the first two steps, its time to start engaging by responding to your customers’ comments, questions, and complaints. You can also put into action your marketing plans that will drive people from the digital world to the doors of your physical business. Post messages about coupons and special offers to people who are located near to your business. You can also create contests where the first number of people who check-in at your business get a free reward related to your business like a free meal or hair cut or free tickets.

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