Is Your Local Business The Right Fit For Facebook Marketing?

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#Ask8now – Is Your Local Business The Right Fit For Facebook Marketing?
For all its massive popularity, does #Facebook work
for every kind of #smallbusiness ? Learn more…

Is Your Local Business The Right Fit For Facebook Marketing?

More people now visit Facebook on a daily basis than Google and business experts often extol the benefits of local businesses having a presence on the site. But for all its massive popularity, does Facebook work for every kind of small business? Obviously one size doesn’t fit all, so while some types of small businesses may thrive on Facebook, others may be need to rethink their strategy.

Small businesses that are a natural fit for Facebook.

Facebook marketing works well for business that are either very social in nature, thrive on community interaction, or offer entertainment value. This is because Facebook is primarily a social site where people connect with their friends. So here are some local businesses or organizations that will find Facebook beneficial:

  • Hospitality businesses- coffee shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, vacation homes, food trucks, food and beverage brands
  • Entertainment- bands, artists, stand-up comedians, actors, museums, opera houses, cinemas
  • Sports- sports teams, sportsmen, sporting clubs
  • Leisure- theme parks, social game clubs like bingo, bowling or chess clubs
  • Community organizations- churches, religious groups, non-profits

All these type of businesses can easily create a local and national fanpage following and easily gain a lot of online exposure through their dedicated fans. They can create a lot of repeat business as people “like” their page or as fans check-in at their premises

Small businesses that may not be the best fit for Facebook and what they can do about it

Facebook marketing may not work too well for small businesses that deal with products or services that people don’t ordinarily get excited about. Hardly anyone really likes hospital visits or posts about their local plumber. Here are some businesses that fall into this category:

  • Medical professions- dentists, hospitals, clinics, chiropractors, vets, funeral homes etc
  • Financial- accountants, financial planners, insurance agents etc
  • Blue collar professions- plumbers, electricians, builders, cleaners etc
  • Legal- lawyers, detectives, police, criminal investigators etc

As you can see most “serious and respectable” professions fall in this category, but this doesn’t mean there is no place for them on Facebook. The greatest asset these small business owners have is their specialized expertise that they can use to become the go-to expert in a niche. They just need to find a creative way to offer their advice.

For example,

  • a tax accountant can create a page –“How to Legally pay less taxes”
  • a plumber can create a page about “The world’s dirtiest jobs”
  • a detective can create a page about “How to know if your spouse is cheating on you”

These creative strategies address people’s natural need to know more, their need to do things faster or cheaper and other psychological emotions that are the basis of human social behavior.


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