How a Local Business Can Get Higher Rankings on Google Places

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How a Local Business Can Get Higher Rankings on Google Places

Google Places has always been an essential part of local business SEO, but the release of the Google Places App for the iPhone has now made it an absolute must for every local business to get listed. This means that local search on the world’s largest search engine just got a whole lot easier for smart phone users who account for 25% of internet traffic. Getting found by mobile surfers at a touch of a button has now become a critical internet marketing strategy for all local business owners.

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Here are a few tips to improve your Google Places ranking as a local business:

1. Location

The location of your local business inrelation to the centre of your city or town will affect your rankings. If you are located in a small town this may not apply to you, but for a local business operating in a larger metropolis, your business address will be included in particular area such as a major street or part of a city. It is absolutely important to get listed if you want to be found on the Google Places App when a mobile user is in your area

2. Information

Google search feeds on information so fill out all the fields on your Google Places form. This will give Google more data to use and result in more accurate rankings. Make sure that all details are exactly the same as what you have listed on your website and your directory listings. There should be no mismatches in your business address, telephone numbers and other data as any inconsistency will make it more difficult for Google to rank you.

3. Directory Listings

Google uses data from major directories in addition to the data on your Google Places form to generate search results. Therefore make sure your local business is listed on high-quality directories such as Yellowpages, infoUSA and others that Google ranks highly. As you fill out the forms on these directories, remember to keep all your business details standard including addresses, phone numbers, keywords, categories and so forth.

4. Reviews


Finally, get as many reviews as possible for your Google Places listing. Local businesses with more reviews get higher ranking and also get more attention from surfers because of the comments and the bright yellow stars that appear next to the listing. It’s not hard to get reviews- you can ask your website visitors using a link on your website or your customers in your store. You could provide greater incentive for them to review your business by rewarding them with coupons and free deals for each review. The important thing is to get as many reviews as possible.


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