How to Link Your Local Business Website or Blog to Your Facebook Account

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Here are 2 ways to link your website to your
Facebook account. Learn more..

How to Link Your Local Business Website/Blog to Your Facebook Account

A mistake local business owners often make with their social media strategy is failing to link their social media accounts to their website or blog. They often treat these two as totally separate entities, yet when connected together they can generate more traffic and leads to their business whilst also saving them time and effort in manually operating the two separately.

Here are 2 ways to link your website to your Facebook account.

1. Position a Facebook Like Box on your website or blog

What is a Facebook like box? It’s a small blue box with a thumbs- up image with ‘like’ written next to it. Once you place this social plugin on a page within your website,

  • It allows readers of your site to click on it every time they like a piece of content such as an article, blog post, video, poll etc.
  • It helps readers to see which of their friends also likes your business website,
  • It allows them to see how many people have already ‘liked’ your site.
  • It helps Facebook fans read the latest posts from your site
  • It can generate more likes from other fans by them just clicking the like box without having to visit your site
  • Follow these steps:

1. Find or Create a Facebook “Find us on Facebook” logo image you like.
2. Copy the Link of your facebook account
3. Place the code into a HTML fragment and place it on your page.

2. Set up an automated system to publish content to your Facebook page

This means that every time you update your blog or site with new content it can be automatically published on your Facebook page. Apart from saving you time from doing it manually, it also helps save you the effort of creating different content for the two accounts.

Facebook has this option for you where you simply import your blog to your Facebook page. Click on the notes application page and select the ‘import a blog’ link. Once you enter the URL of your business blog and agree to the terms of use, you can save the settings and the automated system will be up and running.


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