Leveraging the Reach of Social Media

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#Ask8now – Leveraging the Reach of #SocialMedia
a lot of companies are still struggling to get it right,
let’s have a look at the best ways…

Leveraging the Reach of Social Media

Social media has become a growing force in the marketing world. It is quickly becoming the best way for companies to reach potential clients and to get their brand out into the market and recognized. It is such a new tactic however that a lot of companies are still struggling to get it right, and often missing out on important marketing opportunities, or simply neglecting a whole demographic of customers. There is a lot to know about social media marketing and a few tricks you need to know to get it right. Let’s have a look at the best ways to use social media to your advantage.

A great place to start is by adding a social media button to your website.
By adding the button directly to your site, customers who are already interested in your product or service and “like”, “share”, “tweet” or “pin” among other actions that will allow them to receive updates or promotions you share out into the social media world. It’s an easy way to engage your clients and keep them interested.

Make sure you include social media in your email marketing as well.
By adding social share or like buttons to your email marketing you can extend your reach beyond those on your mailing list. If someone finds a promotion particularly interesting they can share it or tweet it out across social media, extending the reach to those within their social circle. It’s another simple way to let social media do the marketing for you.

Let your current customers do some marketing for you.
Your current customers will be your best advocates. If they are following you on social media, they can endorse your product or service by sharing, liking, or even just commenting on posts you make. You can get great, spontaneous reviews from people who are pleased with what you have to offer and it will resonate through to the people in their social media circle.

By utilizing social media to its full extent, you can greatly improve your business and your sales. It’s an easy and effective tool and you will quickly see results once integrated into your regular marketing program. There are endless possibilities, and social media sites are constantly updating and improving to make marketing easy and effective. If set up correctly the social media sites will almost do all the work of marketing for you, and by training you sales team to make social media marketing a part of their strategy, you have the makings of a winning company.

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