Keeping Your Social Media Fans Happy

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#Ask8now – Keeping Your #SocialMedia Fans Happy
What works to keep your customers happy offline,
works just the same online; summed up in one word:

Keeping Your Social Media Fans Happy

The secret to keep your Facebook fans, your YouTube viewers, Twitter followers, Linkedin partners, Blog friends happy is summed up in one word: CUSTOMER SERVICE. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that. What works to keep your customers happy offline, works just the same online. Customer service will keep you in business for many years to come and even if you decide to venture into a new business, your personal reputation will be branded positively or negatively by how you treated your customers.

Let’s look at some ways to keep your social media groups happy.

Have a great product

Start off on the right foot and give your customers what they really want from you. It doesn’t matter how many thousands of people are following you on the web, you need to step up and offer consistent quality in your products and services. Because if you don’t that same crowd will turn on you like piranhas and bad-mouth your business on the viral network.

Keep your promises


Be a business of your word and don’t make promises you can’t keep. If you promised to send free gifts to subscribers or to launch a product on a certain day or to give a special discount, then do everything in your power to make it happen as you said. You don’t want to be leaving a trail of disappointed people who will never trust you again.

Respond Quickly

There are no excuses as to why you can’t respond to a complaint, question or comment within at least one day. It might be a bit hard if you’re running a one man show, but you can easily outsource to a social media manager or virtual assistant. If they are not responding fast enough, then you need to fire them because they are portraying the wrong image for you business.

Positive Attitude


In business, it pays to be humble and willing to listen to what other people have to say, especially your customers. If you are really passionate about your business, it will reflect in your positive behavior as you handle your followers politely, happily and wholeheartedly. Getting short and frustrated even with finicky customer demands will backfire on you because all your negative communication will immediately be seen by all and sundry. And that will spread like wildfire through your social media network.

Be human and personal

Always adopt a personal approach with your followers. Don’t write to them as “Dear Subscriber”; instead be on a first name basis and write “Hi John”. Infuse your personality into your customer service- even your quirkiness may stir up affection as people feel you are being real with them. Being human lets people know they are dealing with a fellow soul and not a computer software spitting out robotic answers.

Go the extra mile

The viral nature of social media your business’ salvation or their nightmares so it’s imperative as business owners to really go the extra mile to keep your followers happy. Sometimes even more than you normally would in your brick and mortar store. I once read on a food blog how someone’s kitchen mixer broke down and when she contacted the manufacturer, they told her to ship it them at her cost and they would see if they could fix it or not. What that company didn’t realize this callous treatment was shared by this lady with tens of thousands of people who view her blog daily. Talk about bad publicity. If they had done their research and put on their customer service hat, they would have offered her free shipping and fixed the mixer for free or better yet offered a brand new mixer. Wouldn’t that have been a cheaper and more effective marketing strategy than all their Adsense ads?

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