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Retargeting Campaign

Looking for a turnkey delivery for your clients? The PowLeads Retargeting service services team will build out a full retargeting campaign for you product or service!

  • Turnkey Retargeting buildouts for your service or product
  • Great for businesses who have a long sales cycle

$199 monthly

+ $269 set up



$339 monthly

+ $339 set up



$469 monthly

+ $469 set up



See below for Google / Facebook / Instagram PPC Management


Yes, our creatives team will build out all assets needed for the campaign.


We recommend $340 – $670 per campaign.


Minimum 3 months, this is to ensure good optimisation.


Odds are yes. The PowLeads ads team has run thousands of campaigns across most industries including SaaS, B2B, course, finance, home services, medical, real estate, insurance, beauty, and countless others. Reach out to our sales team to discuss specific industries.


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