Internet Marketing Terms Explained Part 2

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#Ask8now – Internet Marketing Terms Explained Part 2
Here are more #internetmarketing #terms to help #localbusiness
#owners #increase their #knowledge about the #internet.

Internet Marketing Terms Explained Part 2

Here are more internet marketing terms to help local business owners increase their knowledge about the internet.

Forum: a group of people who meet online to share about a common interest.

Google Adsense: the Google advertising program that places ads on people’s websites and pays the owner of the website a percentage of the ad fees.

Google Adwords: Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program.

Home Page: the first page that appears when people visit your domain name or website address.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): the computer language used to create web pages

Impression: the number of times your ad is displayed

Joint Venture (JV): a business partnership between two websites or online businesses for the purpose of a particular project.

Keyword: the name given to words surfers use to search for information on search engines

Keyword Density: the ratio of a particular keyword to the total words in an article expressed by percentage

Link: text or images which when clicked open another webpage.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) : a marketing method use to sell products and services using commissioned salesmen or distributors who in turn recruit more salesmen thus creating a network of distributors. It is also known as Network Marketing

Newbie: a term used to describe someone who doesn’t know a lot about the internet and is new to how it works.

Niche Marketing: Marketing that focuses on a specific and small part of a larger market.

Real Simple Syndication (RSS): a service that distributes your website content across the internet using syndication.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the practice of choosing the best keywords and correctly positioning them within a websites content to ensure higher rankings on search engine results.

Social Marketing: marketing that uses online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

SPAM: a slang word referring to emails one did not request for often containing ads for products and services.

Squeeze Page : also known as an opt-in page. Used mainly to collect a visitors name and email address.

Viral Marketing: a form of marketing where sites visitors let other people in their social network know about your products, services or content. They may pass this information through emails, Facebook, Twitter or apps like Foursquare. It often happens very fast hence the term ‘viral’

Web Host: a company that handles your website files so that they can be published online.


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