Internet Marketing Terms Explained Part 1

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#Ask8now – Internet Marketing Terms Explained Part 1
Here’s a #list of #terms with #simple #definitions
to help you navigate the #internetmarketing landscape.

Internet Marketing Terms Explained Part 1

Internet marketing terms can be quite confusing especially to anyone new to marketing their local business online. Here’s a list of terms with simple definitions to help you navigate the internet marketing landscape.

Above the Fold: This refers to the visible part of a webpage once it appears on the screen.

Affiliate: This is an online sales person who promotes a merchants products, services and marketing programs in exchange for a commission. The commission can be based on sales or leads.

Affiliate Network: A company that connects affiliates with affiliate merchants and handles the administrative functions such as registration, payments, and tracking.

Autoresponder: Software that automates your email functions, automatically sending emails for you. It forms an essential part of email marketing.

Banner Ad: an ad that is in the form of a graphic image.

Blog: an online journal that is updated by ‘blogging’. Blogs are now commonly used as websites due to their ease of use.

Browser: A program that help you access information on the Internet. Popular ones include Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari

Click-Through: When a user clicks on a link and arrives at a Web site.

Click-Through Ratio (CTR): Percentage of visitors who click through to a merchant’s Web site.

Clickbank: a popular affiliate network that is mostly handles distribution of digital information products and acts as a payment processor for many merchants e-commerce transactions

Conversion: When a visitor to a site completes a desired action like signing up or purchasing a product.

Conversion Rate: shows the ratio of conversions to the number of visitors who visited your site, expressed as a percentage.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA): the cost of acquiring a conversion

Cost per Click (CPC): the cost an advertiser pays each time a visitor clicks on a link.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM): the cost an advertiser pays each time an ad is displayed 1000 times.

Domain Name: a website address. Also known as URL.

EPC: this is a calculation of your average earnings for every 100 clicks on your buying link

Look out for the continuation of this list in Part 2 of this article.

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