Integrating Offline And Online Marketing For Success

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Integrating Offline And Online Marketing For Success

Marketing has become a tricky business these days because of the amount of medium one can use to promote one’s products and services. Simply put, a business owner cannot hope to survive amidst competing enterprises if he is not dealing with a full deck of cards. Productive marketing has always been the key to success in the business world, and it’s extremely important for business owners to utilize all feasible channels to maximize positive results. The percentage of internet users in the general population has increased at an exponential rate, and businesses have taken notice of this fact for the last several years. Think of a successful company and I’m sure you’ll find that it has its own website.

Integrating online marketing with the traditional approach – offline marketing – is the most efficient and productive means in bringing about a more favorable return on your investment. Your advertisements and website have to work together to achieve optimal results. For instance, a newspaper or television ad should have your website’s URL for it to direct the prospective consumers into typing the whole line on their browser’s address bar. It’s very important that the URL is printed out in a recognizable fashion: big letters, catchy name, recognizable font and a banner that leaves a signature in the mind.

Now that your offline ad has done its job, you have to do justice to it through your website. All the important information should stand out on the homepage, and should be consistent with what you put out in the ad. The combined input of graphical and verbal information should be streamlined and focused on what the visitor has learned from the offline advertisement. Any small bit of information that is inconsistent with both mediums will cause confusion, and worse, convince the visitor that he’s been hoodwinked. So make sure that the two entities coincide with each other or else the visitor won’t even make it past the home page.

Convincing a prospective buyer to visit your website through the use of offline materials is just as important as the other way around. Many consumers decide on which product to buy by looking for information on the internet, and then purchase the product by going directly to the store. So treat your website like an online directory and make sure that all the addresses in the assigned establishment locations are accurate. To put it simply, your website works like a business card too. There’s no possible way to conduct a business if you don’t leave your business address and contact number.

Keep all of these things in mind and make adjustments whenever necessary. Always be on your toes in all areas that involve the running of your business. With the right business model, extensive research, systematic mining of data, and proper allocation of information through several channels, a company can maintain a steady footing in the market and stay head and shoulders above the competition.


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