How Video and Screen Sharing Used in Real Estate During COVID?

Screen Sharing Used in Real Estate During COVID

Nowadays, there are a plenty of video and screen sharing tools available and what’s most important for each discipline is to achieve its goals. Here are the three criteria that we think NYC digital marketing for real estate agents will master within a few days to effectively connect with customers, provide valuable guidance and interact with their brokerage colleagues and leadership using modern video and screen sharing technology.

Video calls in Livestorm

Livestorm Meet is the steadfast, browser centric online meeting software for customer trainings, sales calls and other live video meeting that is lead online

Real estate agents Use cases

  • Online marketing strategies for real estate agents can update weekly calls with homeowners about the market conditions, reviews and business activity
  • Sales calls with prospective sellers and buyers to discuss listings & homes.
  • Check-in with cooperating partners, borrowers, escrow officers and other company representatives

Product highlights

  • Free: Livestorm Meet’s basic plan has enough flexibility for most agents
  • No downloads: Simply click your invitee on your specific meeting room link
  • Share and talk screen: Show each other photos, post their comments and links

Screen sharing is possible with Loom

With Loom, you can capture your screen, voice and face and share your video instantly in less time than you would need to type in an email

Real estate agents Use cases

  • Document home tours and house openings, and publish them in private or public
  • Demonstrate best practices and endorse the property search tools
  • Show the possibilities on how to navigate documents and software with e-signature

Product highlights

  • Free: This basic plan is unrestricted for specific time duration and PRO is just $5 monthly
  • Private or public: Security videos intended only for a given audience
  • Share your mobile screen: Record tutorials on how to use software on the phone

Video meetings in Slack

Slack replaces email within your service. A cool alternative to email is to keep conversations organized in Slack.

Real estate agents Use cases

  • Meet your broker and troubleshoot contracts, software problems and get help
  • Talk to colleagues or team members via video and screen sharing in private messages
  • In a competent work environment, host minds meetings or discussions with agents

Product highlights

  • Safe-Slack is West + Key Homes corporate communications network
  • Works on the go-Wherever you are, calls to Slack apps can be joined
  • Video and Screen sharing-Launch video calls and draw on every others screens

As technology evolves, property buyers’ expectations change too. Increase the leads and sell more properties for real estate agencies using our digital marketing solutions. At Ask8, our online marketing experts leverage their years of experience in creating various real estate marketing ideas. Tell us your objectives, and we will develop customized NYC digital marketing for real estate agents.

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