How to Make the Best Use of Long-Tail Keywords for Your SEO?

How to Make the Best Use of Long-Tail Keywords for Your SEO?

When it comes to improving your local SEO NYC, it is a great idea to focus on the long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are the keywords or phrases which are usually longer and specific. They usually generate less traffic, but they offer a great conversion, as they are precise. Most people think of just using the keywords which has high/medium search volume, will help them to compete with big websites. But, it doesn’t work out that way. Luckily, making use of more specific long-tail keywords is a simpler way to rank high and set realistic expectations.

How to make the best use of long-tail keywords?

Since the long-tail keywords are searched by very few people, they are going to have very less competition.  Don’t ignore the potential of these keywords. To acquire the maximum benefit of long-tail keywords, you simply have to be a little strategic when you use them. Here are some best ways suggested by the experts in local SEO NYC, to use the long-tail keywords –

Influence the Local Searches

Local Business owners can greatly benefit from the long-tail keywords. Most local businesses usually find it hard to compete with companies that target on the broad keywords. Everyone looks for a local business through the Google Search or maps, before visiting the physical location, especially with the term ‘Near Me.’ According to Google, about 76% of people who performed a local search on their smartphone, visited the business on the same day, and 28% of the searches marked a purchase.  Hence, if you are a local business, the experts at internet marketing agency New York suggest making best use of the local-intent keywords. Combine these broad keywords to appeal your local audience, use the keywords by combining them with your city, or areas surrounding it. This will bring down the competition, and you will get quality searches with new customers walking into your business.

Optimize the Long-Tail Keywords for Voice Search

When you optimize the keywords for searches, you must also optimize them for the voice searches. For the local voice searches, people might search for something, which might have distinctive verbiage than the way they type it. You will have to rethink the way of choosing the keywords, to rank high for the voice searches. These keywords should be conversational, as people will be asking questions like they would ask another person.  This gives you a reason to focus on the long-tail keywords.

Include Intent Keywords

Intent keyword denotes the user’s intention of search, and is often business-oriented.  People usually carry out a little research before making a buying decision. When you use the right keywords you are likely to appear for what the people are searching for.  A few examples of Intent keywords are – ‘cheapest, best, discount,’ etc., they might have lower search volume, but it can be worthy. Another good practice is to check Google Analytics regularly, and see which keywords are directing people to your website and particularly to which pages.

Long-tail keywords are the right way to improve your SEO rankings. Though they might not give instant results, with a strategic work from a SEO consultant Queens NY, long-tail keywords can give you higher ranks.

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