How Do I Increase My Domain Authority In 2020?

How Do I Increase My Domain Authority In 2020?

Google looks into hundreds of factors to determine the search ranks of a website. One particular factor that has gained more importance over the years is the Domain authority of a website.

What is Domain Authority?

The higher your Domain Authority is, the more likely are your chances to grab better places on the search engine rankings, and attract more web traffic. The Domain Authority is a benchmark developed by Moz to measure your SEO efforts. It is gauged on a scale of 1 to 100. If your website’s Domain Authority is somewhere around 100, then your website’s ranking will be good. This is why it is important to have a good domain authority for your website. But it is not easy to increase the domain authority instantly. It takes a lot of process, ideas from the experts in SEO and PPC agency NYC,  and time to grow.

How to Increase Domain Authority in 2020?

Quality Content

Publish informative and quality SEO friendly content on your blog section. This is also a way to link your content with the other bloggers. When a blogger connects with your content there are many chances that you get a Dofollow backlink services. These Dofollow backlinks are considered as a great source to increase the Domain Authority of a website. So always create detailed and well-informative content that will benefit the reader. Also, make sure that the content has at least 1000 words. You can take help from the professionals at SEO & PPC agency NYC to draft informative and thought-provoking contents for your website.

On-Page SEO

Onpage SEO also has a great hand in increasing the Domain Authority score of your website. You must focus on the following elements of Onpage SEO –

  1. Keyword – Pay more attention to the long-tail keywords, as it will help target and rank better. Choose appropriate keywords for your blog post
  2. Keywords in Title – Write attractive title and include the targeted keyword in it. The experts in SEO and PPC New York advise to keep the focus keyword at the start of the title.
  3. Permalink structure – Use SEO-friendly permalink structure, incorporating your focus keyword.
  4. Avoid Keyword Stuffing – Keep the keyword density less than 1.5%.
  5. Use appropriate Header Tags
  6. Resize and compress your image, using the correct name and ALT tag
  7. Write Attractive meta description, as it will increase the Click Through Rate of your content

Eliminate Bad Links from Your Website

Always keep track of your website’s Link profile. If your site had been attacked by a lot of bad links, it is sure to affect your Domain authority negatively. So, it is important to keep your link profile clean. For this, you will have to regularly check and remove the bad links out of your website.

Mobile Friendly Website

Since the number of mobile users has increased to a great extent, almost half of the searches are done online through mobile. If your website is not mobile friendly yet, they might not perform well in the SERPs. Also, your customers will exit soon from your site, which might increase the bounce rate.

Increase Your Website Loading Speed

If your website is taking more time to load, it is an unhealthy signal, which is sure to have a bad effect on your website bounce rates. No visitor wants to wait more than 3 seconds.

Switch your Site from HTTP to HTTPS

Google is considering HTTPS as a ranking factor. So if you are still in HTTP, switch to https, and then there are many chances that your domain authority may improve. Do you require help with switching your website from HTTP to HTTPS? Then Look no further, work with the best SEO and PPC Queens NY agency for admirable results.

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