Helpful SEO Tips for Local Businesses during COVID-19

Helpful SEO Tips for Local Businesses during COVID-19

With social distancing and other safety measures in place, COVID-19 has severely impacted the everyday operations of local businesses. It has transformed the lives of many, especially of those people, whose incomes have dropped due to coronavirus. Schools are closed, travel businesses is facing a downfall, the governments of various countries are taking various actions, while we are all stuck at home to avoid the spread of the virus. Even most local businesses have suspended many activities to prevent the surge of virus. Also, there a great change in the people’s search behavior has been identified.

Here are some actionable strategies for the Local businesses from the experts at digital marketing agency New York

Reconsider Your Business Strategy

Utilize this opportunity to promote your brand, rather than selling. Most businesses are no longer selling products directly. Instead they are using the ‘sandwich approach’ by covering their product/services within information. It might not seem to be a great deal, as most businesses have been already doing for their content marketing. They cover their product/services within the content and sell directly or indirectly. But, in this pandemic period, people are no longer interested in general blogs. Instead they are focusing on –

  • Various ways to avoid getting knocked down by the virus, COVID-19
  • Finding products and services near their home
  • Instructions to deal with anxiety
  • Ideas to carry out business or trying to continue the existing business from home
  • Looking out for working from home opportunities

If your SEO strategy is focused on any of these, you can move your business ahead with ease in this critical phase. Now, if you argue that your business is not relevant to any of those in the list, it is not going to help you. Even 100% irrelevant businesses are sharing coronavirus tips connected with their brand. This way, you can increase the local visibility of your business by helping your local community. If you are looking to renovate your SEO strategy, work with the experts at local SEO company New York. They will work to get the best strategy for your business.

Go Live

Since most people are working from home online with an intention keep up social distancing, Getting live and addressing your users online will help them take a break from their loneliness. Your customers would appreciate for all that help you offer. Now a lot of businesses are shifting their local SEO services Queens NY to an online model, especially live streaming, where they get the chance of meeting their customers, and helping them to gain something without walking out of their home.

Focus on your Crisis-Proof Products

During this COVID-19 season, many businesses are facing a hard time, as to what products they should market and sell. Now, since social distancing is in place, it is getting hard to drive demand. In this scenario, you have to focus on crisis-proof products. Let’s say for example, you run an automobile business. Selling vehicles in this pandemic period is close to zero, even if you create the best ads. But, at the same time, if you are focusing on selling some value added parts of the vehicle, people would like to buy them to enhance the looks of vehicle during this lockdown time. So, find ways to sell your products that will be of help to the customer in some way.

Are you a local business looking for help with SEO? Then get in touch with the digital marketing agency New York, who will devise the right strategy to help your business succeed.

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