Google Analytics: How to Set Up Goals for Your Local Business Website

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Google Analytics: How to Set Up Goals for Your Local Business Website

In a previous article, Google Analytics for Local Business: Goals 101, we looked at what goals are and how reports on goals provide important information that can help the local business owner improve his online marketing strategy. This article gives step-by- step instructions on how to set up these goals in your Google Analytics account so that you can start receiving reports.

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1. Sign in to your Adwords account

2. Click on the Analytics tab

3. Look for the profile or website you want to create a goal for and click the ‘edit’ button under settings

4. In the conversion goals and funnel section, 4 goals are available. Choose one of them by clicking on ‘edit’

5. Enter the goal information

  • The URL of the goal- this is the page that shows a successful conversion or the final page you wish your visitor to reach. For example, if this was a thank you page you would type in:
  • The name of the goal- this will show up on your reports so make it simple and easy to identify. For example, e-mail list.
  • Activate the goal by selecting ‘on’

6. Define your Funnel Path- this defines the series of pages you want your visitor to land on as they make their way to the goal. Although this stage is optional, it is highly recommended for you to fill in this information so that you can see at which step people may be falling of the funnel path so you can make improvements.

  • Insert the full url of each page in the funnel path in chronological order
  • Give each step a name e.g. home page, thank you page etc

7. Additional settings- You can make additional settings regarding the case settings and match type for the URL, and the goal value.

8. Click save settings to save this goal


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