Google Analytics for Local Business: Goals 101

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Google Analytics for Local Business: Goals 101

In previous articles, we looked at how important it was to set up web analytics on your local business website and how to do that using free tools such as Google Analytics. Once you set up your Analytics account, you can now receive over 80 reports about your sites performance. To help you chose what reports would be most useful to your local business it is necessary to pick your specific goals and then set them up in your Analytics account.

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What are Goals?

Goals are the end results you wish to see out of a visitor’s activity so these are the pages a visitor reaches once they have completed a series of actions that you wanted them to do. For example, if you wanted visitors to opt-in to your email list, the goal would be the confirmation page they would reach after clicking on the confirmation link sent to their email address. This page would be a goal or a conversion.

Another type of goal would be the order and payment confirmation page after the visitor has completed purchasing goods and services from your website. This goal would let you know your sites sales conversions.

Funnel Paths explained

The path that visitors take to reach a goal is known as the funnel path. The funnel path are those series of steps that the visitor does one after the other, being directed from one page to another to reach your desired goal or the final page. Obviously not every visitor travels the entire funnel path and some may fall off along the way.

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Benefits of Goals

As you can see, Google Analytics goals can be a real asset to your local business marketing strategy and show you:

  • How many conversions are being made
  • How many people are falling of the funnel path and where they are falling off
  • Where you need to improve your site to keep people on the funnel path
  • Which conversions are performing the best
  • Which traffic sources are converting the best
  • Which keywords are resulting in the best conversions
  • Which geographic area your converted visitors are coming from


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