How Facebook Ads Can Astronomically Grow Your Local Business Email List

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How Facebook Ads Can Astronomically Grow Your Local Business Email List

Local business owners agree that a majority of their business comes from within a 5 mile radius. Did you know that you can create a Facebook Ad, reach that exact target market and have them join your email list? This article will show you just how to do that.

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1. Create a Facebook account and page

You can create either a personal account or a business account but not both. A business account has less capabilities and features than personal accounts. After signing up, create a Facebook page by going to this address:


2. Create an Facebook Ad

The goal of the ad is to get people to your opt-in page which can be either on your business website or on your Facebook page. The basic steps to create an ad are:

  • enter your destination url-this is your website url or Facebook page url
  • upload a picture for your ad, create a headline and body text
  • specify your target market by location (country, state or city) , sex, age, education, likes and interests
  • enter your bid price for either CPC or CPM

3. Landing on your business website

If you chose your business website as the destination URL, everyone who clicks on your ad will land there. Make sure your sign up form is in a good position at the top of your home page. If you want them to land on a squeeze page, you may use that as the destination URL but your ad must specify you will require them to sign up. If you don’t, Facebook will not approve your ad.

4. Landing on your Facebook page

You want people to land on the opt-in section of your Facebook page so create a tab specifically for that and install a Static FBML Opt-in tab. You can structure your opt-in tab in a way that stokes curiosity by having a secret give-away that can only be revealed if people opt-in to your list. Once they opt-in, the gift is revealed.

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