Why Every Local Business Owner Should Own Their Website

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#Ask8now – Why Every #LocalBusiness #Owner Should Own Their #Website
Here are a few reasons why every local business owner should have their own website…

Why Every Local Business Owner Should Own Their Website

Many local business owners often get tempted by the lure of free website services that promise them a cheap and fast way to get their local business blog up and running in minutes. But this can prove to be a dangerous move in the long run. Although these free blogging platforms are easy to use, they do not provide the best option to any serious local business owner.

Here are a few reasons why every local business owner should have their own website:

1. When you host your site on a free blogging services like WordPress or Blogger you lose control over your domain. The real owner of the domain isn’t you, it’s the blogging service and as the legitimate owner they can exercise their power to what you can do and what you can’t do with your business site. If they don’t like the content of your blog or their policies change, they can easily switch off your blog. They can also determine what type of adverts you can place on your site and what share of the advertising revenue you can pocket. They can also limit the amount of traffic your website receives since they are the ones hosting it and they also limit how much hosting space you’re allowed to use. That’s bad news if your marketing strategy is paying off and driving an avalanche of traffic to your site. With a free blogging service that traffic may be reduced to a trickle meaning fewer conversions and fewer sales.

2. For a variety of reasons, you may want to sell your local business one day and want your profitable blog to be part of the deal. Unfortunately because you don’t technically own it, you won’t be able to sell it. Just to understand the value of a blog or website, high traffic blogs with good revenue often sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Some sites have sold for over $100,000 to even $1,000,000 especially those that have valuable keywords in their domains

3. Finally, the life of your blog is tied to the life of the blogging service. If the blogging service goes out of business through a takeover or a bankruptcy, so does your blog. All your years of hard work will have vanished in a flash. No matter the size of your local business either a one person outfit or a whole chain of stores the best option is to register and own your own website. It will protect and reward your local business in the long run.


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