Do Images Improve SEO?

Do Images Improve SEO?

SEO comprises of multiple factors, and it is not an easy task for the businesses to overlook even the minutest of the SEO practices. But, whatever you do, even a very small thing, can strengthen your website’s SEO and create a difference.

Why are Images important in SEO?

Most of us are of the assumption that SEO is all about keywords and text, but did you know that images have a great role to play as well?  Especially in the user experience. Just imagine, you came across a webpage with no images, except the text, you might hardly remember the text or consider it reliable. According to a research, 80% of the people read the content with an image and about 64% tend to remember it later.

Images are an integral part of SEO to create better user experiences. This matters so much in SEO, as Google algorithm considers behavior metrics that mirrors the user experience by way of – bounce rates and the dwell time by the visitors on the web page. Also, the images can be optimized to help with SEO, an average visitor sees only the image, but search engine crawlers see the text behind the image and help with ranks.

Here are some tips from the experts in digital marketing agency New York to improve your images for SEO –

  • Use Unique and High Quality Images – Irrelevant, blurry or poorly cropped images on the content will confuse the user. It will also make your webpage look very unprofessional and unreliable. So make sure that the images used on your page is relevant to the content and looks good. Also, don’t take any images with copyright. The experts in digital marketing agency New York mention that if you can’t afford to buy stock images, do lots of research online, and find ‘Free to use’ images that is relevant.
  • Optimize the Filename – Before you add the image to your website, save it with some keywords which is relevant to the page. Though most visitors do not look into the file name, you are actually hinting to the search engines with information on what is available in that specific webpage. So, associate the image with the best keywords.
  • Alt tags – This part is overlooked by most visitors, but it is an important signal to the search engines to determine what the page is about. So it is vital to add alt text for every image on your website. You can add the primary keyword, and something that describes the image itself.
  • Resize the image – If you really want your images to look good on the webpage, and maintain the speed of your website, you must resize your images. Website speed is an important ranking factor in SEO, if the loading speed is more you are actually creating a bad user experience, ultimately a bad SEO. The local seo company New York, recommends using tools like TinyPNG, Adobe Photoshop, and JPEGmini to resize the image without compromising on the quality.

It takes some efforts to optimize the image, but if your consumers are looking for more visuals rather than text, make sure to optimize the images for the success of your business. Are you looking for help with local SEO services New York? Get in touch with our SEO experts today!

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