Different Video Conferencing Tools For Real Estate Agents

Different Video Conferencing Tools For Real Estate Agents

Video conferencing seems to be a boundless approach to come across new customers, talk to colleagues about the business or even give a virtual home tour during this COVID19 Outbreak.  A ton of different Real estate marketing agency New York has started to implement this strategy in their business. During this lockdown, it is vital to have video conferencing tools to strengthen your business. Here, we have listed a few video conferencing tools that help in the growth of your industry. Read on to learn what will help you the most.

Vast conference

This Vast Conference leads in consistency and reliability. Online meetings should be informative and host on a good connection, so nobody loses their spot in the call, and the people at Vast Conference understand that better than most. If you are searching for an essential kit, you will consider the “Essentials” package. You can opt for the “Professional” kit if you are a larger company and need more resources to work with.

Skype conference

Skype has plenty of options for both personal and business use, one of the first popular video conferencing devices, and now one of the most commonly used by real estate marketing agency in New York. Behind this amazing program, with a name like Microsoft, you can be sure you get consistency and reliability; as well as outstanding customer service to satisfy all of your needs. Skype allows up to 250 people to meet, and you will be able to record your meetings for future reference. Microsoft business plans start at a nominal package per month, depending on the particular services that you need.

Zoom video conference

Zoom is a brand that takes pride in its clear audio and video, as well as some of the industry’s finest customer support. From online meetings to webinars, to mobile conference calls, with one mobile software program, Zoom will satisfy all your video satisfaction needs. You’ll also get instant messaging company. Thousands of online marketing for real estate agents worldwide trust the zoom and with good reason! You can host up to 1,000 people in your online meetings or conferences, with extremely inexpensive packages to accompany the service.


GoToMeeting is an outstanding online conference service with features such as mobile phones, unrestricted recording, integration of calendars, up to 250 participants, transcription meetings and much more! This feature-rich platform is just what small and large corporations need to take to the next level their video conferencing and audio calls that helps in digital marketing plan for real estate agents. You can also get a toll-free number for guests to call in, meaning they can access the conference call without any complications, no matter where they are in the world. GoToMeeting has many a plans in its pricing.


Join.me takes the video conferencing to next level. This reliable web conferencing software for audio and video is reasonably priced, feature-rich, and supported by a devoted customer support crew. You’ll have some of the best online meetings the web has to offer with clear audio and video.

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