COVID-19: Inspiring Content Ideas for Every Niche

COVID-19: Inspiring Content Ideas for Every Niche

The unexpected interferences caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have put the whole world in panic. Nobody can predict how well or bad, things will change from here. This is a stressful time for almost every business, as everything, including our routine is impacted by COVID-19. You are lucky if you have already taken your business to the digital platform, you just have to evaluate your content strategy and make adjustments based on the recent happenings. If you are a business owner, firstly, you must examine the keywords which are in trend with regard to your business during the COVID-19 outbreak. Next, you must focus your topics related to the trending keywords.

So, how to create inspiring content ideas for different niche at a time like this?

Travel Industry

According to UNWTO, Tourism is currently one of the most affected sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic attack. People are no longer looking out for travel or transportation, as most trips and work get called off. Despite the fact, the trending topics for this industry are Travel Insurance and Virtual travel. Possibly travelers who are looking to travel again after the pandemic settles down, might want to make sure that they are covered if they get sick on their travel. Or, maybe the ones who canceled their trip wanted to understand what their travel insurance includes. You can join hands with the internet marketing agency New York, to create effective contents for your business.


Most educational institutions have shifted from in-person teaching methods to virtual suddenly. It has brought in a radical change across the globe, and related topics are trending appropriately. The most sought after topics are – Homeschooling, Free online courses, ways to stay focused etc. Since most kids are at home, the parents are under pressure to teach them something useful. Obviously, their searches will be associated it.


Since most people work from home now, there are many people looking out for advice on ways to enhance the productivity while working from home. You can possibly create contents with recommendations of maintain a schedule or setting up a home office or ways to deal with distractions. If you require help with creating the right contents for work/employment niche, get in touch with SEO consultant Queens NY.


Since everyone is at their home looking to mend their boredom, entertainment is on the rise. You can either offer entertainment or provide guides on ways to choose the best entertainment medium. Free streaming, cheap digital games, best multiplayer video games are on the search trends. While some people are looking to utilize their free time to develop new hobbies and upgrade their skills. The local SEO NYC professionals will analyze your niche and help create inspiring contents.


The economy of almost every country is on the rocks due to this pandemic attack, and most people are worried about what will happen next – if they will be laid off or is their job secure. So, many have started looking for guides and tips on filing unemployment. Moreover, people are also looking to find ways to save their money, so topics related to this might also work out.

Health and fitness

Apart from fitness ideas, topics like – How to get health insurance, ways to strengthen immune system and indoor workout topics are on the trends.

Look for prospects to enhance your positive emotion. People are indeed looking out for safety updates, but at the same time they are watching over inspirational topics to. Carry out a Keyword research by the local SEO NYC experts and create a content plan which will work for your brand!

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