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#Ask8now – #ContentMarketing and Link Baiting
Be creative, think outside the box and keep your #content stellar
Read on and we’ll look at what #linkbaiting is
and how you should go about using it…

Content Marketing and Link Baiting


“Link baiting” is a term used to describe perhaps the most effective form of link building that’s commonly used and despite having developed something of a bad reputation, it’s nevertheless a very powerful tool when used correctly. Read on and we’ll look at what link baiting is and how you should go about using it.


What is Link Baiting? 

Link baiting basically means creating content that has been designed to generate organic links from visitors. In other words, it means creating content that is so good – or so sharable – that people will automatically want to post it to their social media pages or send it to their friends.

This way, instead of directly asking blogs to publish your links in order to build your links profile, you instead rely on it to happen naturally by setting up the conditions correctly to encourage it.

This strategy sometimes has a bad reputation as it carries the assumption that you’re trying to manipulate people into giving you links and often webmasters will create quite spammy content with the hope of it getting shared (some “link baiting” methods are very transparent). Ignore the naysayers though – despite the connotations of the term, this is exactly how Google wants you to be building your links: organically.

What Kind of Content Gets Free Links?

So the question you should now be asking is what type of content constitutes “link bait”?

Link bait should of course be high quality and should provide value for the user. That’s the most important thing because if someone comes away from your site feeling that it didn’t offer them anything of use, then they’re hardly going to feel moved to share it.

Getting shares on forums, on blogs or on communities like Reddit is more important form an SEO perspective than is getting shares on social media and so for this reason, you want to try to think about the type of content that gets shared in those ways.

One type of content that fits this spec is the ‘resource’ post. If you can provide a useful resource or a definitive overview, then people will refer others to your site when trying to explain a concept. Another example is content that makes a point that people are passionate about – having your posts be used in debates is a fantastic way to get free promotion (and no publicity is bad publicity as they say). Likewise, things that genuinely help people with a specific problem might also get passed on as those people will want to share the help they received.

Be creative, think outside the box and keep your content stellar – that’s how you make link bait!


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