Common Copywriting Mistakes Small Business Owners Make.

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Here are the 3 most common copywriting mistakes
#smallbusinessowners make and how to avoid making them.

Common Copywriting Mistakes Small Business Owners Make.

Here are the 3 most common copywriting mistakes small business owners make and how to avoid making them so that you can drastically boost the performance of your copy and content whether that be a blog post, article, web page, email or a sales page.


Copywriting Error 1 – Not planning in advance

Most business owners think copywriting is just about laying your fingers on a keyboard and spinning some clever words. No matter what you write, you will get better results if you first perform due diligence. This involves researching your target customers, doing your keyword research, understanding your products and service features and benefits and pinpointing the specific end result you wish to achieve from your copywriting. Once you have completed this research, you will have enough material to get your creative juices flowing and more. Apart from having a research plan, you also need to have a copywriting plan that allows you to get a skeleton framework of what your page will look like so that you can use your research material to fill in the blanks. This will help everything to fall into place much easier.

Copywriting Error 2 – Writing about your business and not the customer

Writing about your company / product, rather than your customers is one of the most common mistakes business owners make. They talk all about themselves and ignore their target market. Instead of listing your company’s products and service features, turn that around and focus on what benefits your customers will gain from you. It’s really not that difficult to do. Instead of writing “we do this and we do that”, write “as our customer you will enjoy this or get this faster or solve this problem”. To do this you need to ask your target market questions and find out what their problems and challenges are. Get details on specifically what they want to do/accomplish and then use your copywriting to address those exact issues.

Copywriting Error 3 – Thinking Copywriting Only Happens on Your Web Page

Copywriting is not just restricted to your webpages but extends far beyond to other areas of communication that your small business uses: videos, video descriptions and annotations, title tags and meta description tags, emails, squeeze pages, Tweets, Fanpage status updates, Google Places listings etc. In all these instances, you need to use good copywriting to grab people’s attention, to stand out from your competitors and drive people to click on your links.

By avoiding these 3 copywriting mistakes, your small business will have better chances of online marketing success.

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