Building Your List With Facebook Events

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#Ask8now – #Building Your #List With #FacebookEvents
A creative way to get a large #Facebook friend
and #fan following to be on your #localbusiness #emaillist
via #registration #form that will act as an opt-in.
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Building Your List With Facebook Events

One of the challenges of having a large Facebook friend and fan following is that not everyone might be on your local business email list. A creative way to get them onto your list is to have a Facebook Event, invite all of them to it and create a registration form that will act as an opt-in.

facebook eventsHere is how to create your first Facebook Event:

1. Think of an Event that relates to your local business that would be of great interest to your friends and fans. Here are a few ideas

  • webinar with an expert or highly-sought individual in your industry
  • seminar with an expert or group of experts on a topic that deals with solving problems, providing vital training, providing opportunities etc
  • a physical event to be held at your business such as signings, demonstrations, grand opening, sales (e.g. Black Friday deals), a new product launch, a free consultation etc
  • a physical event your business will be attending , organizing or sponsoring such as music concerts, trade shows, charity events etc

2. Set up a landing page specifically for the event on your business website, with important information and a registration box.


registration box

3. Create your facebook event at Perform this step at least two weeks before your event to give you time to market it well. You will input information about the date, name, and details of the event plus the destination URL. You can then send invitations to all your friends and fans.

4. Publicize your event.

Write status updates about your event at least once a day for the next two weeks. This will show up in the newsfeed of all your friends and fans. If you have a Facebook Group you can send a direct message to all of them. Encourage your followers to spread the word about your event to their social network and to ‘like’ your event tab. As the date approaches for the event, increase your updates to 2 or 3 times a day.


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