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How to build RSS Backlinks

One of the easiest ways to distribute your website content and build backlinks at the same time is to use RSS fees. Just as TV programs syndicate their content to carious TV channels across the country you can do the same thing online with RSS.

rss backlinks

With RSS your content can be automatically published across many different social platforms and websites. As your content is spread across these wide online communities, you develop backlinks to all your content as soon as it gets published.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication is a technology used by websites to send out updates of new content. This means that someone can get to see new content on an RSS feed rather that going to each and every website to get the latest post.


So how does RSS relate to your business website?

  •  It means that every time you publish a new post on your business blog, you get

links from your twitter or facebook accounts;

  • Each time you submit your articles to your article directory account, backlinks

are created on your free WordPress blog;

  •  Each time you send out an marketing promotion via email, it gets automatically

posted on your blog or Twitter account and

  •  Every new tweet on your Twitter account gets posted to your Facebook account.


All website properties have an RSS feed be they blogs, article directories, Squidoo pages, twitter, email autoresponder etc.

Using RSS is a one time deal, so once you submit your sites RSS feed to an RSS site, you don’t need to do it again. From that moment on your content will be automatically syndicated with every new post and you will get new backlinks that will help speed up the rate of indexing or how fast the search engines find your new content.

RSS technology therefore provides the benefits of complete backlink automation, a larger content reach and helps bump your website further up the search engine rankings.


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