How to build .Edu and .Gov Backlinks

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.Edu and .Gov #Backlinks
These two entities have large authority sites
with high page #ranks of above 5
and have lots of pages indexed…
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How to build .Edu and .Gov Backlinks

.Edu and .Gov backlinks are some of the most prized backlinks among internet marketers. These are backlinks from educational institutions such as universities and government bodies. These two entities have large authority sites , with high page ranks of above 5 and have lots of pages indexed since they have been online for over 10-20 years. Getting a backlink of any kind from these sites is therefore something to go after and help you with your off page SEO in a big way.


The different kind of backlinks you can get from .Edu and .gov sites

  • Blog Comments – there is usually a comment area on blog posts where members of the public can post their views
  • Guest Blogging- this is doable for smaller and more local sites such as your college or local government body
  • Forum Profile and Signature Links- many university sites have forum sites too around a particular topic or field of study. You can join these forums, build a profile and contribute to forum discussions.


How to find .Edu and .Gov backlinks

1. You can use certain search operators in the Google search box

  • To find blogs to comment on, type : inurl:blog “post a comment” inurl:blog “post a comment”

  • To find forums, type:

  • To find blogs, type

2. You can also use other people’s websites to find any .edu or .gov websites they are getting backlinks. By reverse engineering your competitors websites, you can uncover a list of sites. If your competitors website is “”, then enter the following search operator in the Google search box:

This will list all the .Edu sites that the website has backlinks on. You can sort through the sites looking for high page rank and post your links there too. The same applies for .Gov sites. Just use the following search operator:


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