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Creating a #comment on someone else’s
blog/website, this includes your website URL
which becomes the #backlink in the comment.
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How To Build Blog Commenting Backlinks

Blog commenting is a pretty self explanatory way to get backlinks- you simple create a comment on someone else blog/website in the comments area and as you provide your name and email address, you include your website URL too which becomes the backlink in the comment.

blog commenting

Blog comments are not the most powerful type of backlinks but they have various advantages that make them worthwhile to pursue.

  • There are millions of blogs online that you can comment on providing a never ending supply of backlinks
  • Blog commenting backlinks provide good link diversity because the large numbers of blogs have many IP Addresses and this is good for your back linking. Having backlinks from a narrow range of IP addresses is not the best.
  • You can find a number of good quality blogs in your niche that also have high page rank, meaning that your backlinks from these sites will be more valuable.

blog commenting

Tips to getting good blog commenting backlinks

  • Check if your backlink will be a follow or no follow backlink by looking at other people’s backlinks on the blog. If you activate the Mozilla Firefox No Follow Plugin, it will highlight no follow backlinks on the website. You want to look for blogs that allow do follow backlinks
  • Check the page rank of the page you want to comment on, which may be different from the page rank of the website. Remember that search engine assign page rank to pages not websites so even though a website’s home page is a Page rank of 4, if the page you are posting a comment on is page rank of 1, your backlink will only draw value from the page rank of 1. You can use the Mozilla Firefox SEO Quake plugin to show you the page rank.
  • Make meaningful comments so that your comment gets approved and has a higher chance of not being deleted. Read the article on the page, understand what it is about and using your knowledge/expertise on the subject make a valuable contribution. This becomes much easier by finding blogs that relate to your business niche.

How to find blogs to comment on

You can use the following search operators on the Google Blogs search box:

  • “keyword” “add comment” E.g. “real estate” “add comment”
  •  “keyword” “post comment” E.g. “foreclosures” “post comment”


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