How Article Marketing Can Grow Your Local Business List

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How Article Marketing Can Grow Your Local Business List

Article marketing is one of the most common ways to drive traffic to any website and has been used by almost every internet marketer. Local business owners can easily do the same by writing articles about their business niche and draw interested readers to their website or blog where they can opt-in to their email list.

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The key advantage that local business owners have in article marketing is the credibility associated with a brick-and- mortar business. The internet has been flooded with briefcase marketers selling digital products making many people wary of signing up to email lists. However as a local business owner, having a physical business location and legally registered business name, gives you incredible leverage in article marketing directories.

First of all, when you register your account you have no need to use an alias and can be upfront about who you are. You can use your real names and upload a genuine photo of yourself. Secondly you can position yourself as an expert or authority on the subject by creating a resource box full of trustworthy, verifiable information. The resource box is extremely important as it gives the reader of your article information about yourself, your line of business and your website. Readers are more likely to click on a local business owners resource box than one created by an anonymous, pseudo-named marketer.

Let’s look at a practical example. Assume you are local gym owner and professional gym trainer. You write an article on how to lose weight with exercise training and include a resource box. Assume an internet marketer wrote a similar article and also included a resource box. If you compare the two resource boxes, you will realize the distinct advantage you have from owning a physical business

Your resource box:

Get more weight loss tips from Tony Marcello’s exercise blog at Tony is a certified gym instructor with over 15 years experience and has helped over 5,000 men and women lose weight at his acclaimed San Diego gym, “Gym Masters.”

Internet Marketers resource box:

Get more weight loss tips from

Notice the difference? Article marketing is a gold mine for local business owners.


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