How to Actively Engage and Interact With Your Local Business Facebook Fans

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#Ask8now – How to Actively #Engage and #Interact With
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Here are a few #pointers on how to actively engage
with your #Facebookfans and have a vibrant #fanpage

How to Actively Engage and Interact With Your Local Business Facebook Fans

Having a Facebook fanpage has become an absolute necessity for any local business, but people often wonder how to communicate with their fans on a daily basis. Here are a few pointers on how to actively engage with your Facebook fans and have a vibrant fanpage.

1. Provide Valuable Content

Creating and posting valuable content is the first key to pleasing your fans. When you post your status updates, you have a range of content to use to keep reader interest high. For example, you can refer them to your website blog posts, ask them questions, use entertainment and humor, post videos and photos, organize contests and competitions, use quizzes, employ trivia, give links to external content on other websites that are relevant and interesting, use hot topics that are trending at the moment as a point of discussion etc.

2. Encourage Interaction

Another tip to having an active fanpage is creating an environment where your fans naturally respond to interacting with one another. Your role as the administrator of the fanpage is to provoke fans to comment and to share their thoughts with one another. This clever tactic will allow you to take a back seat and allow the fans to stir up the activity on the fanpage.

3. Make a Personal Response 

A third way to engage your fans is to personally respond to questions and comments. It makes no sense to have a one-way communication where all you do as the local business owner is just post status updates. By replying to your fans on a one-on- one basis shows that you are human and interested and your fans will respect and like you more for that. Too many businesses are spamming their Facebook fans with automated status updates, so a personal touch on your part will put you miles ahead of the competition.


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