9 Common Mistakes That Get Your Facebook Ad Disapproved

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#Ask8now – 9 Common Mistakes That
Get Your Facebook Ad Disapproved
Here are 9 common mistakes to avoid.
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9 Common Mistakes That Get Your Facebook Ad Disapproved

After all the hard work in researching your demographics, picking an image and creating a headline and compelling copy, it’s often disheartening when Facebook disapproves your ad. Here are 9 common mistakes to avoid that will easily get your ad disapproved.

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1. Not minding your grammar.

Simple spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, punctuation and poor sentence structure will get your ad disapproved

2. Capitalization and symbols

Facebook dislikes unnecessary capital letters in your text, so don’t use them liberally except in acronyms. Also symbols should not be misused.

3. Wrong spacing

You can’t typeset your Facebook ad therefore stick only to single spacing

4. Destination URL

This often trips a lot of people up. The destination URL should be working, not result in an error page, should not be accessible only from certain internet locations. It should also not have any pop-ups, nor require users to enter their personal information and should not connect to a download of any kind. If the destination URL is a Facebook page, it cannot be a personal profile.

5. Irrelevant and inappropriate images

Images that are overtly sexual, political or insensitive are not allowed

6. Prohibited content

Facebook prohibits ads that promote pornography, violence, hatred, tobacco products, spam, get rich quick programs or deceptive business models.

7. Incorrect targeting

If your ad targets people less than 18 years for the following products or services it will be disapproved: dating services, weight loss programs, subscription services, and adult themed products or services. Alcoholic ads must meet the legal drinking requirements of the country or location where the ad will be displayed.

8. Singling out your target market

As much you can specify your target market demographics, you can’t out rightly name them in your ad. For example, you can’t say “Are you a 35year old man?”

9. Inaccurate statements and claims

Facebook dislikes ads that have outlandish and unproven claims. For example you can’t write ads that offer a sale on a generic product that caters to all demographics yet you choose only to show the ad to women.

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